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Serafino da Ferrara

Worldwide Release

October 2022

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The Story

Ferrara, AD 1505. Serafino's talent is discovered by Mastro Filargiro who takes him in as an apprentice.

Serafino finds love, but his mastery is about to take him on a long and perilous journey across the principalities of the Italian peninsula, unaware that his virtuosity is a threat to the pre-eminence of the hitherto unchallenged masters of the Renaissance. 

His life must take a dramatic new turn in the hope of escaping their enmity.

Washington DC, 2008. Parker Henderson's first year at Georgetown High is coming to an end. 

His father is appointed Consul General in Florence and Parker enthusiastically embraces his new life, striking an obsessive friendship with handsome Beppe.

But almost everyone around him has been keeping secrets. And the fifteenth-century palazzo where his family now lives unexpectedly reveals its long-buried mysteries. In uncovering them, Parker will finally come of age, while stumbling across an extraordinary tale. 


The Chapters

I. All happy families...

II. The boys of Ferrara

III. ...are alike

IV. Lungo il Canale

V. Painting Telegonus

VI. Sacellum Sixtinum

VII. Rossini Spritz

VIII. And then we emerged to see the stars again

IX. Book of Revelation

X. Santa Maria Novella


The Tiergarten Tales

Berlin. Its Boys. Their Stories

June 2021

Available at Amazon, Waterstones, The Conrad Press and all major retailers

Paperback £. 9.99

Kindle & E-Book £. 3.99

US $ 4.99

Europe €. 4,99

Piles of Books

Ten short stories following the lives, love affairs and misdemeanours of men and boys of Berlin across its turbulent history.

In the present day young Karl falls for glamorous Bill, an American in the midst of  a mid-life crisis as big as his bank balance.

Felix and Walther bestride a deep class divide, forging an enduring bond in 1890s Prussia.

Kaspar and Max navigate the fraught upheavals of the Weimar Republic by skilfully marketing the only commodity in demand, unaware that it will lead them onto different and dangerous paths in their lives.

Roland and Heiko spend a blissful summer of true friendship sailing on a boat along the placid waters of the Wannsee, revealing repressed truths to each other.

Young Kazimierz leaves his impoverished Silesian village and sets off on an epic journey to the Prussian capital, the seat of an ageing Frederick the Great, not knowing that his heavenly beauty, endearing naivety and, ultimately, fate will transform his life once through the gates of the city.

Echoes within echoes. Circles within circles: the world of privilege - snobbish, hierarchical and obsessed with class, the world of poverty and moral compromise, the toxic masculinity of the German Empire and the Prussian officer class.

A novel? A collection of short stories? A play within? And why not all three? 


The Stories

The Lodger

A Solution

La Béte Humaine

The Woods of Baden

The Typist

Zoologische Garten


Love, Unseen

The Eyes of the King



Unlike the puerile loyalty to a conviction, loyalty to a friend is a virtue - perhaps the only virtue, the last remaining one.

Milan Kundera

040 berlin.JPG


In a gay literature largely populated by the feral and the fetishistic it is such a relief to find a book in which people are inspired by loyalty and tenderness. 


A delightful surprise, far from the run-of-the-mill gay fiction I had been fearing when I bought this without seeing the reviews.


A wonderful set of stories providing the reader with such a brilliantly conveyed range of emotions and set in a variety of contexts. 


Deeply compelling, unflinching and beautiful. 

By no means an easy read, but a rewarding one for its insights into human condition and lines of pure poetry that took my breath hostage. 


Much more a novel with characters who are gay than a gay romance.

An absorbing, thought provoking read.